NAFCO | Quality factors of China brass ball valves

NAFCO | Quality factors of China brass ball valves
Time:2017-06-26 From: NAFCO-China Brass Ball Valve Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer and exporter of China brass brall valves, NAFCO has been making every and best efforts to control quality of brass ball valves, we're pleased to share the key important factors for brass ball valves.

Factors that affects product quality of brass ball valves:

1. Raw Material: mechanical properties vary much from different material compositions, such as hardness, elongation, tensile strength, material is selected depends on brass ball valve working environment and applications.
Brass ball valve forging
2. Forging: proper temperature and forging pressure take important role, failing which may make cold knob or body defect for brass ball valves, some materials need tempering after forging to have better physical performance.
Forging of brass Valves

3. Machining sizes: the dimensions of body, bonnet, the heigth of stem hole
Brass Ball Valve Dimensions

4. Brass ball: shape, deform, burrs, symmetry, surface treatment of brass ball, the outer diameter tolerance:
1/2-1” max:0.04
Brass Balls for Brass Ball Valves

5. PFTE Seat: material, dimensions, fash, burrs
PTFE Seats for brass ball valves

6. Handles: improper clutch sizes may lead the brass ball valve can't seal correctly, the stem hole will also affect tightness of brass ball valve.

7. Glue: equally pasted, quality of glue, counts for the tightness between valve body and bonnet.

8. Installation: .Installation is an important factor to ensure the brass ball valve function well.
   For details please refer to NAFCO | Brass Ball Valve Installation Instruction.




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