NAFCO | Brass Valves Commonly Used for Radiators

NAFCO | Brass Valves Commonly Used for Radiators
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Radiators are the necessary heating equipments in the family, widely used in various heating families. Radiator valves are the most common accessories in the radiator system and are the most familiar device as switch, and the importance is like a natural gas pipeline valve at home. What are the types of valves used for radiators? What is the role of brass valves? Do you know how to use the heating valve? Now NAFCO, one of China brass valve manufacturers, will show you a comprehensive understanding of the valves for radiator.

Radiator Valves China

Brass valves commonly used in the heating system are: brass radiator valves, brass ball valves, brass globe valves, Brass gate valves, brass butterfly valves, brass check valves, brass safety valves, pressure valves, balance valves, regulating valve and a variety of self-regulating valves and electric control valves, as well as brass fittings China. Each kind of valves has different function:

1.    Brass radiator valves
Radiator valve is most important part for radiators, to adjust the number and speed of the radiator flow, want to lower the temperature, and then the inlet valve off a little time into the hot water less heat naturally reduced, the temperature becomes low. At the same time, the radiator in the heating season to full water maintenance, open the inlet valves and close the valve in time, so that the radiator filled with water, to extend the service life.

Radiator Valves China

NAFCO - China Radiator Valves

2.    Brass Ball Valves
Brass ball valve is made of forged brass and used to switch the flow by rotating valve ball with valve handle, is a excellent choice for shutoff and control applications because of its  durable and reliable performance, ease of operation, repair.

Brass Ball Valves China

NAFCO - China Brass Ball Valves

3.    Brass Safety valves
Mainly used for pressure relief when the medium overpressure to protect the equipment and systems. In some cases, the micro-operated pressure relief valve has been improved for use as a system constant pressure valve.

Brass Safety Valves China

4.    Brass stop valves
Brass stop valves is also called the globe valve, is the most widely used a valve, it is popular, because the opening and closing process between the sealing surface frictions is small, more durable, open height is not large, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance, not only for medium and low pressure, but also for high pressure. Its closure principle is to rely on the pressure of the valve, so that the valve sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface close to prevent the media circulation. Its structure length is greater than the Brass gate valves, while the fluid resistance, long-term operation when the sealing reliability is not strong. Brass shut-off valves are divided into three categories: straight-through, right angle and DC oblique cut valves.

5.    Brass gate valves
Brass gate valves is also called brass disc valves, is a widely used valve. Its closure principle is the gate seal surface and the valve seat sealing surface is smooth, flat, fit each other, can prevent the media flow, and rely on the top mold, spring or gate mold, to enhance the sealing effect. It is mainly in the pipeline from the cut off.

Brass Gate Valves China

NAFCO - China Brass Ball Valves Manufacturers

6.    Butterfly valve
Butterfly valve also known as butterfly valve, as the name suggests, its key components like butterfly wind, free swing.
Butterfly valve disc is a disc, around the seat of a shaft rotation, the size of the angle is the valve opening and closing degree.
Butterfly valve with a lightweight feature, than other valves to save materials, simple structure, open and close quickly, cut and throttling can be used, the fluid resistance is small, the operation effort. Butterfly valve can be made into a large caliber. Can use the butterfly valve place, it is best not to make the valve, because the butterfly valve than the valve economy, and good regulation. At present, butterfly valves are widely used in hot water pipelines.

7.    Pressure reducing valve
Pressure reducing valve is the medium pressure is reduced to a certain value of the automatic valve, the general pressure after the valve is less than 50% of the valve before the pressure. There are many types of pressure reducing valves, mainly piston and spring film type two.

Pressure reducing valve China

The piston-type pressure reducing valve is a valve that is depressurized by the action of the piston. Spring thin film type pressure reducing valve, is to rely on the spring and the film to carry on the pressure balance.

8.    Brass check valves
Brass check valves are automatically open and close which rely on the power of the fluid itself, its function is to prevent the media back flow:

(1)    Lift type: the valve flap along the vertical center of the valve body to move. There are two types of Brass check valves: one is horizontal, installed in the horizontal pipe, the valve body shape and the valve is similar, the other is vertical, installed in the vertical pipe.

Brass Spring Check Valves China

NAFCO - China Brass Spring Check Valves

(2) Swing type: the valve flap around the base of the pin rotation, such valves have single, double and multi-valve points, but the principle is the same.

Brass Swing Check Valves China

NAFCO - China Brass Swing Check Valves

9.    Plug valves
The plug valve is rotated by the swivel body around the centerline of the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. Its role is to cut off, divide and change the flow of media. Simple structure, small size, the operation only need to rotate 90 degrees, fluid resistance is not large. The drawback is the switch effort, easy to wear sealing surface, easy to stuck at high temperatures, not suitable for regulating the flow. Plug valves, also known as cock, Cock, turn the door. It is a lot of types, straight, three-way and four-way.

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