NAFCO | How to Use Radiator Valves Correctly

NAFCO | How to Use Radiator Valves Correctly
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In first place, thermal metering users should always pay attention to matters of decoration, do not change the position of the room thermostatic valves.

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Tips for installation of radiators and thermostatic valves:

1. Try not to wrap the radiators, because the radiator cooling received restrictions, resulting in a relatively slow increase in room temperature, increasing heat loss.

2. We must promptly repair if the radiator leaks which will increase heat loss.

3. As a result of polygons inside the tube caused by stagnant water circulation, affecting the heating effect, it is set in addition to the exhaust valve on the top floor, each radiator tail in accordance with the manual deflation valve, deflation action to be small, to prevent twist off To the water flow out promptly tighten the deflation valves.

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How to adjust the temperatures in energy-saving way:

1, You can save energy of radiator valves in two ways: First, raise awareness of energy conservation, proactive regulation, the second is a scientific and rational mode of adjustment.

2, During heating, residential heat user bedroom, living room (hall) and bathroom room temperature at 18 ℃ to ensure the case, the main equipment is to adjust the residential home temperature control valve, the valve has a digital scale, adjust the time scale corresponding The larger the number, the higher the temperature in the room. It is suggested that users adjust according to the following methods:

①, according to the time adjustment: at work time or no one at home, the daily outdoor temperature is higher when the temperature control valve can be properly adjusted to reduce heat consumption.

②, according to room regulation: Users can according to their own habits, proper regulation of temperature control valves.

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