NAFCO | Identify Valves with Painting

NAFCO | Identify Valves with Painting
Time:2018-10-09 From: NAFCO | Brass Valves China Manufacturer
It is a simple and convenient way to identify the valve with painting. China valve industry has begun to use painting to identify valves, and has also developed specific standards. JB/T106 "Vehicle Marking and Identification Painting" standard stipulates the use of five different colors of painting to distinguish the material of industrial valves, but from practical applications, due to the wide variety of valves, the application conditions are complex, only by painting Identifying the valve body material is difficult.
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It is difficult for the user to accurately determine the applicable conditions of the valve by the color of the painting alone. For similar materials of different grades, although the painting color is the same, the pressure bearing capacity, applicable temperature, applicable medium and weld ability are quite different. It is still necessary to determine the applicable conditions and scope according to the specific valve material. Valves made of stainless steel and acid-resistant steel materials cannot be determined to be suitable for nitric acid or acetic acid media, regardless of whether they are painted or not.
Due to the different manufacturing methods of the valve, etc., it is impossible to identify the valve body material by painting. In the standard, it is required to apply the identification painting on the unmachined surface, but how should the surface of the valve body be completely processed? How to distinguish the surface of the valve after special anti-corrosion treatment? There are many special-purpose valves in the industry. Unified spray identification. And because different countries have the same habit, painting of export products still needs to be determined according to the needs of foreign markets or subscribers.
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Special emphasis on the painting identification of the valve will make the painting of the valve mainly for the purpose of identification and neglect the painting process and the quality of the spray.
The surface of the valve should be painted with the main purpose of protecting the valve (such as corrosion protection). The use of a coating to prevent corrosion of the valve surface is an economical, simple and effective method. Valve enamel should also consider aesthetics. The painting of sanitary valves must meet the requirements of sanitary safety standards.
The coating also requires good stability in the medium environment in which it is used. 
Formulate the applicable technical conditions of the valve coating (spray) painting to ensure the quality of the coating (spray) of the valve. Emphasis is placed on the main purpose of protecting the valve (painting). It should be allowed to select suitable coating protection or other suitable protection methods according to applicable conditions. The research uses a more rational and reliable identification method. Printing (or casting) material marks on the valve body or nameplate is a commonly used identification method in foreign countries. This is also worth learning. Many Chinese manufacturers have begun to adopt this method. Develop uniform, universal, simple valve material codes or logos for printing (or casting) and identification.
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