What Is Thermostatic Valve and How to Select

What Is Thermostatic Valve and How to Select
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Brass radiator valves are widely used in building automation systems for urban heating, gas supply, air conditioning and refrigeration, etc. brass radiator valves are used to achieve compartment temperature control, which can maximize energy conservation and meet the needs of different users for indoor temperature regulation. The need is a good thing for the benefit of the country and the people. Here, NAFCO introduces you to some tips on brass radiator valves and how to purchase them.
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1. The working principle of the thermostatic valves
Temperature control in the user's room is achieved by the radiator brass radiator valve. The radiator brass radiator valve is composed of a thermostat controller, a flow regulating valve and a pair of connecting members, wherein the core component of the thermostat controller is a sensor unit, that is, a warm pack. The temperature pack can sense the change of the ambient temperature and produce a volume change, which drives the valve spool to generate displacement, and then adjusts the amount of water in the radiator to change the heat dissipation of the radiator. The temperature setting of the brass radiator valve can be manually adjusted. The brass radiator valve will automatically control and adjust the water volume of the radiator according to the setting requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the indoor temperature.
2. Classification of thermostatic valves
Thermostatic valves are usually available in manual or automatic mode. The automatic brass radiator valve is composed of the self-operated actuator of the temperature sensor and the special matched brass radiator valve body. The automatic brass radiator valve is also called the self-operated brass radiator valve or the automatic thermostatic valve, also referred to as the thermostatic valve, and the brass radiator valve. The structure of the valve body often has two kinds of the most common two-way valves: straight-through and angle-opening valves; the manual temperature-controlled valve usually adopts a spiral lifting valve core, and the rotation of the handle changes from a spiral to a linear displacement of the valve core.
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3. Difference between liquid and solid thermostatic head
The internal charge medium of the temperature sensor in the brass radiator valve head generally has two kinds of liquid and solid. As for the difference between the two valve heads, there should be no difference in the field of HVAC applications, if it is necessary to say differently. In the words, in the following aspects:
1. Different in volume. Generally, a liquid needs a relatively large amount of liquid to achieve the same thermal expansion displacement. Therefore, the temperature sensor has a large volume, so the valve head has a large volume, which is somewhat inconsistent with the ratio of the small valve body. Therefore, it is better to use a solid type valve. The head is more beautiful.
2. The liquid sealing technology is more complicated, and the production cost is slightly higher than that of the solid, so the selling price is often higher.
3. The liquid valve head is more sensitive than solids. This is the only advantage of liquid compared to solids, but in the typical large hysteresis system of the HVAC field, this advantage has little effect.
All in all, the temperature-controlled valve head, whether liquid or solid, can fully meet the sensitive time requirements of the EN215 standard as long as it is a qualified product.
4. How to choose a thermostatic valves
1. In general, if the investment is the most economical choice principle, regardless of the benefits of automatic brass radiator valve energy saving, and does not consider upgrading to automatic brass radiator valve in the future, you can choose pure manual brass radiator valve
2. If you use a small investment, considering that the owner will upgrade to an automatic brass radiator valve in the future, then you can choose a dual-regulated brass radiator valve. This double-regulated brass radiator valve is basically the same price as a pure manual brass radiator valve
3. If you want to make a one-step choice, you can directly choose the automatic brass radiator valve, the price is roughly three times that of the manual brass radiator valve.
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