NAFCO | 5 Negative Changes of China Brass Valve Industry in 2017

NAFCO | 5 Negative Changes of China Brass Valve Industry in 2017
Time:2017-09-26 From: NAFCO-China Brass Ball Valves & Brass Fittings Manufacturer

1, Sales decline, weak growth
In the era of overcapacity, plumbing valve industry oversupply, the valve industry innovation, change lag, in the growth encountered bottlenecks and ceilings, if the business no new growth point, the major brand sales decline is a common phenomenon.

2, Price war
The market demand for brass valves is reduced, in order to seize the market, each brand competition bargain, businesses profit are limited. The market shuffle will be inevitable. China brass valve manufacturers for brass ball valves, brass gate valves, brass check valves, brass angle valves, brass radiator valves, brass fittings will face difficult time.

3, Brass Valve Industry shuffle
Brass valve brand competition will become increasingly fierce in 2018, China brass valve suppliers without core competitiveness and service will be squeezed in the market. In the case of raw material prices and cost increase, non-competitive brass valve factories will be slowly out of the market.

4, Homogenized competition
Brass valve industry, including brass fittings industries, with the particularity of similar products, has serious homogenization. Innovation and technology research and development will become increasingly important in 2018. China brass ball valve manufacturers shall pay much attention to the R&D capacity, and create their own core technology and products.

5, Business failures
With the oversupply of brass valves in China, the competitiveness of the enterprise requires strength and service. Brass valves and brass fittings manufacturers and importers without core competitiveness will be eliminated in the fierce market competition. The market brand will be gathered in several major brands, industry reshuffle state just kicked off.

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