Lockshield Radiator Valves

Straight Lockshield Radiator Valve N10163008

Straight Lockshield Radiator Valve
Straight Lockshield Radiator Valve N10163008


Key Features


China radiator valves are made of forged brass and operated with handle, easy to open and close, widely used for house heating system.
Product Information:
Product name Straight Lockshield Radiator Valve
Sizes 1/2", 3/4"
Bore Standard bore
Application Water, oil, and other non-corrosive liquid
Working pressure PN10 / 150Psi
Working temperature
-10 to 110°C
Working durability
10,000 cycles
Quality standard
End Connection
Forged valve body
Anti-blow-out stem structure
100% leakage test for each valve
OEM production acceptable
Spare Part
Forged brass, sand-blasted and nickel-plated
Forged brass, sand-blasted and nickel-plated
Disc Plastic or stainless steel
Cap Brass
Seat Copper
Inner boxes in cartons, loaded in pallets
Customized design acceptable
1, Production flow of China Radiator Valves:
2, Brass material Chemical composition used for brass Radiator Valves China:
3, Bore sizes for China Radiator valves:
4, Available surface treatments of Radiator valves China:
5, Installation instruction of China Radiator valves:
6, Packing of China radiator valves:
Standard export packing, inner boxes in cartons, loaded in pallets
7, Testing Lab for radiator valves China:
In our testing labs we have excellent equipments to test our product, not only during production, but also for samples and product development, strict test is the basis of quality system, and makes sure every process and progress conform to relative standards.
8, Why choose NAFCO as your China Radiator Valve Supplier?
NAFCO is a professional China radiator valve Manufucturer with reliable and stable quality.
You are welcome to contact us for any questions you have.


Key words: Forged Radiator Valves, Brass Radiator Valves, Temperature control valve, Manual Radiator Valves, Central Heating Radiator Valves, Straight Radiator Valves,Manual Radiator Valves, Hot Water Radiator Valve, Radiator Lockshield Valve, Nickel-plated Lockshield Radiator Valves

Optional Materials: Brass CW617N, CW614N, HPb57-3, H59-1, C37700, DZR

Applications: Fluid control system for building and heating system, house heating system


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