A Brief Analysis of Modern China Brass Valve and Brass Fittings Industry

A Brief Analysis of Modern China Brass Valve and Brass Fittings Industry
Time:2019-12-05 From: NAFCO | Brass Ball Valves and Brass Fittings Manufacturers China
The past 10 years should be the most turbulent era in China's brass valve and brass fittings industry, especially in the last 5 years. Product updates, technology upgrades, brand changes, Internet shocks, and strict environmental protection are all like a roller coaster to the industry. Generally, if you are not careful, you may be eliminated. The changes in the brass valve and brass fittings industry over the past few years are also a reflection of the status quo and epitome of traditional Chinese manufacturing.
2013 was a watershed year.
The development of the brass valve and brass fittings industry was a watershed year in 2013. Prior to 2013, investment promotion and sales were very good. Every day was going well, and the sales were very moist. Everyone has no sense of crisis.
2013 years ago, China Merchants basically found one customer in one week, which can be described as hot. At that time, it was not difficult to find customers if you have the right people and products. Traditional brands were pretty good 2013 years ago. The main reason was that the demand was at its peak.
In 2008, the European debt crisis, domestic exports fell, and workers in many industries went out of business and difficulties in exporting. At this time, many export-oriented companies that started to focus on foreign trade began to focus on the domestic market, build their own brands, and operate the domestic market. The OEM format has been transformed into an independent brand format. During this period, there were many brands that transformed into their own brands and finally grew up. Because of the 1.3 billion people in China, the market is large and explosive, and the brand can grow rapidly.
In particular, the CNY 4 trillion infrastructure construction frenzy, real estate began to develop rapidly, and house prices soared. The country issued a series of house price restriction orders one after another, but it still could not afford the soaring housing prices. The CNY 4 trillion also led to the expansion of production and operation of brass valve and brass pipe fittings enterprises, and also laid the groundwork for overcapacity and oversupply in the later industries.
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It should be said that many domestic building material brands, such as bathroom hardware, home furnishings, ceramics, plumbing and other industry brands, many of them have grown along with the development of domestic real estate and other infrastructure development. Such as the four major families of Fujian sanitary ware, Wrigley Department of Guangdong, Liansu in the pipeline, Rifeng, Taurus, electrical appliances such as bull switches, flying carved sockets, etc. The sales of these brands have increased from hundreds of millions to billions or even tens of billions. It should be said that the golden age of real estate is the golden age of the building material brand, and also the golden age of the brass valve and brass pipe fittings industry. Brands growing in this era are now familiar to consumers.
Before 2013, the brass valve and brass pipe fittings industry also developed and expanded with the rapid development of China's economy. Many brands in the industry lived in their own comfort zone, heating in the same stratosphere, lacking enterprises and brands, full competition, serious product homogeneity, low technical content. The brass valve and brass fittings industry is a low-frequency, small-volume, semi-engineering, and semi-civilian product. The technical barriers are not high. Therefore, 13 years ago, many brands gained development opportunities through specific projects and channels, and their brands also developed. Everyone has a good life. No one has paid attention to the crisis of future development. "Boil frogs in warm water" is the truth.
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However, after 2013, especially the spread of the European and American financial crisis, the domestic real estate and infrastructure construction slowed down. In many industries, oversupply and overcapacity became the basic reality of each industry. The same is true of the brass valve fittings industry. In the industry, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 2,000 large and small companies, not including family workshops. Under the situation of declining demand, the competition in the industry can be imagined. Everyone is grabbing that bowl of rice, so price wars and homogeneous competition are becoming increasingly severe. Without core competitiveness, many brands are struggling gradually, and even some companies have closed down. There are actually many examples of this. And the annual sales of closed companies are hundreds of millions of companies, which is also the pain of the industry in the process of transformation.
When the market is deteriorating, companies and brands without core competitiveness will have a sharp decline in competitiveness, and will sales and market development become very large. This is also one of the reasons many brands often lament: the market is not doing well.
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At the same time, starting in 2013, the mobile Internet began to rise, and various smart phones appeared, making it very convenient to access the Internet, and users can understand all kinds of information they need anytime, anywhere. Nokia was defeated by Apple, and Apple ’s ISO and Android phones began to become popular. At the same time, a large number of attention-apps for mobile terminals appeared, making it easy to watch news, movies, and videos. For example, you can shop on mobile phone Taobao, 12306, Ctrip, etc., making the purchase of air tickets and tickets convenient and fast, which greatly improves efficiency.
The rapid development of China's high-speed rail has made travel faster and more convenient. People no longer need to wait in long lines, and the Chinese New Year ox party has become less frequent.
The whole of China is developing rapidly, and the brass valve and brass fittings industry is still struggling with price and homogeneity. Industry contacts, innovations, and technological upgrades have not yet occurred in large areas. It should be said that throughout China, major changes are beginning to occur, and social life is undergoing rapid changes. However, traditional industries such as brass valves and brass fittings are still conservative and moving forward.
After 2013, the new brand of brass valve brass fittings should be said to have caught up with the tail of the market development bonus of brass valve brass fittings industry, born in the process of mobile Internet impact, craftsmanship, transformation and upgrading. How to break through quickly and become a fast-growing brand is the problem that every brass valve brass fitting faces.
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